Welcome to Grafton Street online! GraftonStreet.ie explores the Grafton Street ‘experience’, with beautiful historic buildings housing iconic Irish businesses such as Brown Thomas, Weir & Sons and Bewley’s Grafton Street Café, Grafton Street offers an experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Grafton Street has a great variety of retail stores including café’s, bars, restaurants and hotels and caters for shoppers searching for high-end or high street. GraftonStreet.ie provides businesses a unique and desirable platform to advertise and promote services and products including special offers or new ranges available etc.

GraftonStreet.ie highlights the cultural aspects of the Grafton Street area which are an integral part of this experience. GraftonStreet.ie looks at the talent and creativity of the many different street performers on Grafton Street. The famous street has become renowned as a launch pad for musical acts and has played host to U2 front man Bono.

GraftonStreet.ie is a site for both Dubliners and visitors to the city. Enjoy the site and make sure you come and visit our amazing street!

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Spooky or Christmasy? We have it all!

Are you going to join madness? The spooky month of October is here and businesses are trying to make the most of you getting in the mood of all things spooky. Pumpkins are soon going to be the most sold veg and costume shops are going to make their profit for the year. The Halloween […]

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    About Grafton Street

    Grafton Street was named after Henry FitzRoy, The 1st Duke of Grafton, he was the illegitimate son of Charles II of England who owned land in the area and was developed from a country lane by the Dawson family in 1708, after whom the parallel Dawson Street is named.

    Grafton Street runs from the top of St. Stephen's Green to (Trinity) College Green.

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