Do you know the Pigeon Man?

Grafton Street is renowned for its creative and entertaining street performers. One of Grafton Street’s best known performers is the living statue known as the ‘Pigeon Man’ who delights and intrigues the people on Grafton Street with his ability to attract pigeons down from the surrounding rooftops to land on him.

This short film gives a personal insight into the life of the man behind the mask and how performing on Grafton Street has enabled him to turn his life around.

Laura Finn


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About Grafton Street

Grafton Street was named after Henry FitzRoy, The 1st Duke of Grafton, he was the illegitimate son of Charles II of England who owned land in the area and was developed from a country lane by the Dawson family in 1708, after whom the parallel Dawson Street is named.

Grafton Street runs from the top of St. Stephen's Green to (Trinity) College Green.