There is no denying that Grafton Street is an excellent place for shopping but it is far more than just a shopping street; it is a place for entertainment, culture and most importantly craic. The electric atmosphere of the street is perhaps what draws so many visitors. Winter or summer, day or night, there is always a great atmosphere on the famous street.

The street is not only aloud with the sound of both locals and visitors making their way up and down, there is also the constant soundtrack of the many buskers on the street providing a wide variety of music. From a classical violinist to a contemporary pop singer there is a musical treat for everyone of any age and with any musical taste. It is rare that you will walk up or down the street without encountering a large crowd gathered around and engrossed in one of the many musical acts performing on the street.

In the winter months approaching Christmas the voices of carollers fill the air, the magnificent Christmas tree and the rows of  beautiful lights and decorations hanging from the top through to the bottom of the street are a magical sight and are guaranteed to get everyone into the festive spirit. Another highlight of the Christmas season on Grafton Street has to be the window displays in Brown Thomas department store, the award winning displays are a favourite of young children and adults alike. Many people are drawn to the street for the sole reason of viewing the wonderful and inventive creations that the store delivers year after year. The great selection of stores and the wonderful festive atmosphere on Grafton Street make it the perfect place for Christmas shopping.

On a fine summer day Grafton Street is an ideal place for a stroll where you can admire the street in all its glory. In the warmer weather of the summer months you can take more time to admire the performers which line the streets. Summer is also the best time to enjoy the beautiful St. Stephen’s Green, the large park at the top of Grafton Street. When the sun is shining the park is filled with city workers and tourists taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city to relax in this idyllic location.

At night the street stays alive with the many late night bars and pubs on the side streets off Grafton Street, one of the most famous pubs is Bruxelles which is a lively pub with a great atmosphere and live music. Grafton Street is home to Lillie’s Bordello, a prestigious nightclub which is a favourite of Bono and many other Irish and international celebrities. Captain America’s is another great spot for a night out, with delicious food and an excellent selection of cocktails this is a perfect place for a fun night out on Grafton Street.

The unique atmosphere on Grafton Street is something that cannot be found anywhere else; in order to fully experience Dublin a visit to Grafton Street is essential.

Laura Finn

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