Spooky or Christmasy? We have it all!

christmas campaigns_84808714-thumb-380xauto-2382Are you going to join madness? The spooky month of October is here and businesses are trying to make the most of you getting in the mood of all things spooky. Pumpkins are soon going to be the most sold veg and costume shops are going to make their profit for the year. The Halloween scene is dominating the city and the country and it is only going to accelerate in the next few weeks. There are Halloween themed parties all around.

We had already seen some Christmas shops popping up together with Christmas lights being installed this week, reminding us, that we don’t have to leave everything to the last moment and meet the New Year entirely broke. You have good few month to buy presents and décor to make your Christmas tree glam and shiny again.

Big news on the food front of our beloved Grafton Street. We are welcoming Alchemy Juice Co, who are bringing new and healthy food menu to BT2. We looked at their menu and it sounds too delicious not to try it.

Nespresso gods have finally decided to have mercy after seeing that endless queue in Brown Thomas and as a result there is now excessively glamour Nespresso Boutique just off Grafton Street on Duke Street. They have tasting facilities as well as self service area. The 2 floor store has added over 20 new jobs, which great news.

We also welcomed another newcomer – Tiger shop in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. It is located right in the middle on the ground floor and is one of those shops, where you can just spend an hour looking at cool things and trying to figure out where you would put them if you were to buy them.

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Happy Graftoning and have a spooky October!

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