Your guide for Halloween costume shopping on Grafton Street






Halloween is only a week away and last minute invitations have arrived. The most asked question will be “ Who are you dressing up as this Halloween?”

Instead of zombieing  around while desperately looking for something to put on for that one night at the last minute – we went hunting for you – and found a few shops in and around Grafton Street that will answer your blood curling needs.


Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre alone is a treasure box for Halloween costumes. Head straight to the first floor and look for a Costume Shop. They have a great selection of costumes to please your imagination or give you some more ideas.

The best part – they are at affordable prices! They beat the online shops – which, if you are placing your order now is a cutting it short anyway.

Have you ever wanted to be a tequila bottle? Now is your chance!


In case you already have a costume and just need a few additions (blood, anyone?), just across the Costume Shop is the  Banana Tree store. Unleash a vampire in yourself and get those blood capsules! 20141024_12530820141024_12532420141024_125904


A costume is great, but if you are really committed and want to get that little extra kick. Then take the path to the second floor,  to ASHA. They have a really cool selection of lenses. Cat eyes? Don’t be boring, go for Anaconda ones (even though they sort of look like flag of Brasil) or smiley face eyes (yes, it’s weird).

Another place selling loads of Halloweeny stuff is a Fun Place the Joke Shop on South King Street, besides Gaiety Theatre. You will find all necessary make-up, accessories and of course costumes at your disposal.

Looking for stuff for your little ones – The Disney store has a large selection from Marvel heroes to Princess costumes (say the words “Let it go!” and a small  army of Frozen aficionados will surround you and sing along).

Knock yourself out and have fun with your Halloween costume hunt. Just be quick, before zombies get them all. Have a spooky weekend, friends!

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