Replacement of the water valves on Grafton Street.

Dublin City Council’s waterworks department are replacing the old water valves along the length of Grafton Street. The majority of which, has now been completed successfully and have replaced brand new valves which will offer a reliable main water supply for years to come. This also ensures that the new paving will not have to be dug up to replace damaged, old or leaking valves in the near future.
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Grafton Street Redevelopment Update

The re-paving of Grafton Street with a new high-quality granite is due to commence at the beginning of May 2013,.
Download the Grafton Street & Environs Special Planning Control Scheme – Download PDF

Grafton Street Part 8 Public Consultation

Dublin City Council will begin the phased replacement of water valves on Grafton Street from Monday 25th February. These are essential works which must be carried out before work can start on the repaving of Grafton Street later in the year. The new water valves will also reduce water leakage in the future and result in a more efficient water supply.

Businesses on Grafton Street and on streets off Grafton Street will experience temporary interruptions to their water supply during these works. Dublin City Council has informed the affected businesses of this and will make every effort to keep the disruption to a minimum.

The city council will continue to keep businesses informed during the phased replacement of the water valves. The council anticipates that the works to the water network will be completed in April.

The main upgrade works for Grafton Street are scheduled to commence in May this year. The upgrade works will include the complete replacement of the existing brick surface which is in very poor condition and its replacement with a high quality natural stone surface, mainly granite. The street furniture, public lighting and other elements on the street will also be replaced.

Queries in relation to this project can be made to or telephone 222 7394

Part 8 Public Consultation
Plans to replace Grafton Street’s brick paving with a new stone paving have been prepared by Dublin City Council. Part 8 Planning permission has been granted in accordance with Planning and Development Act 2000 – 2010 and Planning and Development Regulations, 2001-2010 – Part 8.
Dublin City Council anticipates that work will begin in May 2013 and will be completed in approximately 14 months. The City Council will phase the works, which also includes plans for new street furniture on Grafton Street, to ensure businesses remain open during the repaving. The proposals include all necessary service, utility and associated site works.

Download the GRAFTON STREET Part 8 – Explanatory Booklet here >> Download

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