If you are looking for a jeweller in Dublin, Grafton Street is the place you must visit. Whether you are treating yourself, buying a gift, or purchasing the perfect engagement ring for that special someone, the selection of exquisite jewellers on Grafton Street ensures that you will find the perfect piece of jewellery you are searching for.

When writing about jewellery shopping on Grafton Street there is only one jeweller to begin with and that is Weir & Sons. The family run store was established on Grafton Street in 1869. The beautiful Weir & Sons building at 96 – 99 Grafton Street has become a landmark and an integral part of the street. The magnificent building houses exquisite displays containing thousands of jewels and watches; Weir & Sons has the largest selection of gold, diamonds and international brands of any other jeweller in Ireland. To visit the store and make a purchase or to receive a gift from the prestigious store is something special. It would be hard to find any woman who would not wish to receive a beautiful diamond engagement ring from Weir & Sons on Grafton Street.

For diamond lovers Appleby, the Dublin family jewellers has a vast selection of diamonds which are all ethically sourced and of the highest quality. The Irish jeweller promises to provide great diamonds and great value. Fields is yet another excellent Irish jeweller on Grafton Street, the jeweller is known for its beautiful designs along with its selection of well-known jewellery brands. At Fields you receive quality at an affordable price so you can purchase a beautiful piece of jewellery without having to worry about the cost.

Irish family run business R & C McCormack carries an excellent collection of Celtic jewellery. One of the most popular pieces of jewellery at the store is the Claddagh ring, it has a distinctive style of two hands clasped around a heart, surmounted by a crown symbolising love friendship and loyalty, making it a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. The ring is a popular piece among Irish people and those of Irish heritage. R & C McCormack have a wide selection of Celtic crosses and jewellery adorned with Celtic symbols, these beautiful designs are perfect mementos for travellers from abroad.

Grafton Street is also home to well-established jewellers Ernest Jones, John Brerton, Boodles and Rocks, all providing high quality and beautifully designed jewellery. World-renowned Swarovski is among the jewellers on Grafton Street, the Swarovski store is an ideal place to treat yourself or someone else. The wide selection of Swarovski crystal encrusted charms are a great idea for a beautiful gift with a personal touch.

Grafton Street is undoubtedly the premier street for jewellery in Dublin, you are certain to find that special piece you are looking for among the large selection of jewellers on the street.

Laura Finn

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