The Festive Season on Grafton Street

In the winter months approaching Christmas the voices of carollers fill the cold crisp air on Grafton Street. The magnificent Christmas tree and the rows of  beautiful lights and decorations hanging from the top through to the bottom of the street are a magical sight and are guaranteed to get everyone into the festive spirit.

Another highlight of the Christmas season on Grafton Street has to be the window displays in Brown Thomas department store, the award winning displays are a favourite of young children and adults alike. Many people are drawn to the street for the sole reason of viewing the wonderful and inventive creations that the store delivers year after year.

The great selection of stores and the wonderful festive atmosphere on Grafton Street make it the perfect place for Christmas shopping.

Laura Finn

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About Grafton Street

Grafton Street was named after Henry FitzRoy, The 1st Duke of Grafton, he was the illegitimate son of Charles II of England who owned land in the area and was developed from a country lane by the Dawson family in 1708, after whom the parallel Dawson Street is named.

Grafton Street runs from the top of St. Stephen's Green to (Trinity) College Green.

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