Not only is Grafton Street a place for musical artists to perform, the street is also a source of inspiration for musicians. Dido’s song  Grafton Street, from the album Safe trip Home is dedicated to her late father William. The singer has fond memories of  her Irish father who would often sing Irish songs to her. Grafton Street features in the traditional Irish song On Raglan Road which Dido sang to her father on his deathbed. The song contains the lyrics:

“On Grafton Street in November, we tipped lightly along the ledge, of a deep ravine where can be seen,  the worst of passions pledged”.

Grafton Street is a place where many memories have been created and Dido’s memories of the street have served as inspiration for this song.

No more trips to Grafton Street,
No more goin’ there,
No more sitting up all night,
Waiting for any word.

Nothing’s left that’s safe here now,
Nothing will bring you home
Nothing can bring us the peace
We had in Grafton Street.

Laura Finn

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